Join the best property fund management services in town!

Lee & Duce aims to provide our VIP investors monthly, tax effective income and the benefits of long-term capital growth in a diversified portfolio of retail, industrial, development and childcare assets located in growth areas across Australia.

Fund Management Services

There are many benefits to investing in a managed fund, which is evident in the range of our services listed below that we take care of.


Our team of property analysis are studying potential growth areas on a regular basis with the most up to date economic studies.


With our team across Australia we’re able to analyse 100s of investment opportunities on a weekly basis and choose the best.


Our team is able to utilise the information we have on other local assets to negotiate a purchase price based on facts and figures.


As all of our investment opportunities are off market it’s crucial to act quickly with settlement and avoid going on market.


Our in-house team are able to manage the income from our tenants and distribute the profit to our investors on a monthly basis.


Our team form a relationship with every one of our tenants to make sure we can provide maximum support and management.


Each year our team analyse the rental income & capital growth compared to the market conditions to ensure positive results.


With each project we have a 10-15 year strategy to on-sell the asset to obtain an expected 2-3x on capital growth on equity.

Immigration Services

Since 2017 we’ve worked with the best immigration legal teams in Australia and build relationships with The Australian Office in Taipei & locally as well.


Register your details below and mentioned your preferred contact method so we can arrange a time to setup a free consultation meeting.


During the free consultation meeting we will note down your details and your situation for our legal visa team to ensure the right visa for you.


Once we have discussed with our legal team we will schedule another meeting in person/online and confirm which visa is best fit.


Typically a visa will be 4 years so throughout this time we will be there to help manage it for you. You can be in Australia during those years.